Lenister Adult Fixtures 3

posted 4 Jan 2016, 01:36 by Sean Foley   [ updated 4 Jan 2016, 01:37 ]

Tuesday 12th January

At Ballymore    (Gavin Grace  087 4153720  to arrange referees)

7:30pm   SMAS   John Ryan (Carlow) v  Mick O’Donnell (Dublin)

8:00pm   GMBS   Jimmy Shanahan (Kilkenny)  v  Martin McKenna (Dublin)

Wednesday 13th  January.

At Kells   (Tom Sheridan    086-3716068 to arrange referees)

8:00pm   EMBS     Charlie Kelly (Louth)      v  Brendan Menton (Westmeath)

At Horeswood  (Tony Breen   087 2060715  to organise Referees

8:00pm    GMAS    Jimmy Purcell (Kilkenny)  v  Eamonn Rice (Wicklow)   

At Borris   (David King   _    087 6881722to arrange referees)

7:30pm         035BS    Paddy Cheevers (Wexford)  v  John O’Neill (Kilkenny)

8:00pm     SMAS   Pat Quaile (Wicklow)    v  Canice Quigley (Kilkenny)   

At Clogh (Sean Love _    087 6471802  to organise referees)

8:00pm     MBS    Conor Maxwell (Dublin)  v  Andrew Muldowney(Wicklow)

8:30pm     SMBS    Phil Coleman(Wexford)  v  PJ Tobin    (Kildare)   

Garryhill  (Sean Ryan  087 2609720 to arrange referees)

7:30pm       EMBS Jimmy Dunne    (Wexford)  v  Eddie Dunne (Laois)   

8:00pm      MBS    Conor Maxwell (Dublin)  v  Andrew Muldowney(Wicklow)

O’Loughlins   (Brigid Mulholland  to arrange referees)

7:30pm  035BS       Fergal McWilliams (Wexford)  v  Barry Ramsey (Carlow)

8:00pm   MBS        David Redmond (Wexford)  v  Kevin Brennan (Laois)

At Tinryland   (Martin Clancy _    086 1609157  to arrange referees)

7:30pm   035BS       David Stanners (Wexford)  v   Paddy Clarke    (Kildare)

8:00pm   SS       Paul Moran  v Gavin Buggy

Cullohill  (Eamonn Doheny 087 6763200  to arrange referees)

7;30pm   LJBS  Kate Moran (Carlow)    v Aishling Maher (Kilkenny   

8:00pm    IS    David Hope (Offaly) v Brian Manogue (Kilkenny)

At Leixlip   (Andrew Diggins  087 6181247  to arrange referees

7:30pm    MBS   Ciaran McCallan (Dublin)      v  (John Boyle (Lh) v Joe Mulvanny(Wh))

8:00pm   EMAS   John Kelly (Louth)  v  Martin Clancy (Carlow)

At Coolboy.  (James Gregan   087 9217274  to organise referees

7:30pm     EMBS     Richie Culleton (Wexford)  v  Kevin McKenna (Dublin)   

8:00pm     DMBS    Gerry Murphy  (Kilkenny)  v Miley Byrne (Wexford)

At Crinkle    (Kevinn Cooke    087 6423846  to arrange referees)

8:00pm      JS    Michael Donovan (Laois)  v  Stephen Quinn  (Meath)

Thursday 14th January

At Monavea (Andrew Dowling  _    087 9152613  to arrange referees)

7:30pm   EMAS      Frank Kerins(Dublin)    v  Eamonn Purcell (Kilkenny)

8:00pm  DMBS        Liam Mahon (Kilkenny)  v  John O’Donnell (Kildare)

At Ballymore    (Gavin Grace  087 4153720  to arrange referees)

7:30pm   RMS      Jimmy Neary     (Kilkenny)  v  Vinny Farrelly    (Dublin)       

8:00pm    RMS        Richard Willoughby (Wicklow)  v   Marcus Henry    (Dublin)