2013 40x20 Leinster Fix 14

posted 3 Feb 2013, 15:08 by Unknown user

Thursday, February 7th  

At Tinryland (Martin Clancy to arrange referees)

7.30.  RMS SF              Paddy Reilly (Kilkenny)  v  Anthony Campbell (Kildare)

8.00.  LJS   SF              Una Wrynn (Kildare)  v  Marquerite Gore (Wexford)

At O’Loughlins (Con Moore to arrange referees)

7.30. EMAS  SF            Johnny Brennan (Kilkenny)  v  Eamonn Purcell (Kilkenny)

8.00. SMAS  SF            Paddy Donovan (Laois)  v  John Ryan (Carlow)                    

At Garryhill (Sean Ryan to arrange referees)

7.30.  SMBS  SF           David Bourke (Kilkenny)  v  Mick Armstrong (Wexford)

8.00   SMBS  SF           Tom O’Keeffe (Kilkenny)  v  John Quinn (Wicklow)

At Crinkle (Kevin Cooke to arrange referees)

7.30. GMAS  SF                        Billy Bourke  (Kilkenny)  v  Robert McCarthy (Westmeath)

At Ballymore Eustace (Eamonn Deegan to arrange referees)

7.30  RMS   SF             Andy Ryan (Carlow)  v  Ned Buggy (Wexford)

8.00. DMAS SF             John Rossiter (Carlow)  v  Eugene Kennedy (Dublin)

At Monavea (Patsy Dowling to arrange referees)

8.00. O35BS   SF          Oliver Ryan (Carlow)  v John Morrissey  OR  Paddy Doyle

At St Brigids (Susan Keegan to arrange referees)

8.00. LJBS SF               Sabrina Hughes (Dublin)  v  Maria McCarthy (Dublin)

County Secretaries are asked to book courts immediately and to ensure that they are open on time for the games listed.