2013 40x20 Leinster Fix 10 Revised

posted 26 Jan 2013, 13:10 by Unknown user   [ updated 29 Jan 2013, 13:40 ]

 Tuesday, January  29th    

At Mullingar (Robert McCarthy to arrange referees)

8.00. LJBD Christina Donoghue/Arlene Watkins(Oy) v Audrey McCormack/Sabrina Hughes(D)


At Culahill  (Jimmy Walsh) to arrange referees)

8.00.  MsBD   Paul Clifford/Richie Falsey (Kk)  v  Sean Ryan/Declan Cooke (Oy)


Wednesday, January  30th        

At Crinkle (Martin Clancy to arrange referees)

7.30.  MsBD   David O’Dwyer/Andy Mulligan (Wm)  v  Ollie Falsey/Ptr (Kk)

8.00.  EMAS   Eamonn Purcell (Kilkenny)  v  Jimmy Reilly (Meath)                                  

At Monavea (Patsy Dowling to arrange referees)

7.30.  EMAS   John Brennan (Kilkenny)  v  Martin Clancy (Carlow)

8.00   GMAS   Billy Bourke (Kilkenny)  v  Paul Ruane (Kildare)

At Leixlip (Pat Ryan  to arrange referees)

7.30.  RMD    Pat Ryan/Marcus Henry(D)  v  Anthony Campbell/Dermot Howard(Kd) 8.00.  EMAS    John Boy Molloy (Meath)  v  Gerry McGrath (Wicklow)

At Kells (Tom Sheridan to arrange referees)                  

7.30  DMAD   Billy Mullins/Jim Guilfoyle (Oy)  v  Eugene Kennedy/Vinny Farrelly (D)

At Ballymore Eustace (Eamon Deegan to arrange referees)

7.30.  DMAD  John Rossitor/Andy Ryan (Cw)  v  Richard Willoughby/Pat Doyle (Ww)

8.00.  ID       Ian Griffin/Keith Bourke (Dublin)  v  Mikey Berry/Miley Cash (Wex)

at Borris (Colm Jordan to arrange referees)        

8.00.  GMAD  Philly Parsons/Martin Lalor (Kk)  v  Declan Hart/ Pechelli English(Wex)

At Tinryland (Martin Clancy to arrange referees)

7.30. JBD      Ger Anthony/Diarmuid Burke (Kk)  v  Colin Melody/Danny Reilly (D) 8.00. JBD    Peter McGrath/Ned Connors(Wex)  v  Robert Farrelly/Ciaran McCallan(D)         

At O’Loughlins (James Gregan to arrange referees)

8.00   SMAS   Paul Dowling (Kilkenny)  v  Ned Kealy (Wicklow)



County Secretaries are asked to book courts immediately and to ensure that they are open on time for the games listed.

All results (including walkovers) must be notified in one of the following methods:-

 i/ texted or phoned on the night to 086-3651088  

ii/ Emailed to administrator.leinster.handball@gaa.ie

iii/ or sent by voicemail to 086-3651088 on the night of the game. Failure to notify me may result in an unsuitable fixture for the next round.

Players who are unable to fulfil a fixture must contact

(a) their opponent(s) 

(b) the venue secretary

(c) Leinster Secretary before the game.

A player who allows his opponent to travel and does not fulfil his fixture will be barred from the next two Leinster Championships.