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2012 Leinster Entries

posted 2 Apr 2012, 01:01 by Unknown user
 Entries for adult  Leinster 60x30 competitions are now been requested from all clubs  by the co Secretary.Club entries to be given to their secretary by 18th of April. See list of  competitions/grades below

Leinster 60x30 Entries


Minor Singles

Minor Doubles

Under 21 Singles

Under 21  Doubles

Junior B Singles

Junior B Doubles

Junior Singles

Junior Doubles

Intermediate Singles

Intermediate Doubles

O35 A Singles:

O35 A Doubles:

O35 B Singles:

O35 B Doubles:

Masters A Singles

Masters A Doubles

Masters B Singles

Masters B Doubles

Silver Masters A Singles 

Silver Masters A Doubles

Silver Masters B Singles

Silver Masters B Doubles

Golden Masters A Singles

Golden Masters A Doubles

Golden Masters B Singles

Golden Masters B Doubles

Emerald  Masters A Singles

Emerald Masters A Doubles

Emerald  Masters B Singles

Emerald  Masters B Doubles

Diamond Masters A Single

Diamond Masters A Doubles

Diamond Masters B Singles

Diamond Masters B Doubles

Ruby Masters Singles

Ruby Masters  Doubles

Ladies Minor Singles

Ladies Minor Doubles

Ladies Junior B Singles

Ladies Junior B Doubles

Ladies Junior  Singles

Ladies Junior Doubles

Ladies Intermediate Singles

Ladies Intermediate Doubles