2015/2016 Adult results

40x20 County Leagues 2015 Fix 3 results

posted 28 Dec 2015, 14:20 by Sean Foley


MsA2              Willie Holden (Kilfane)  dft  Eamonn Purcell (Windgap)   

Div1B             Patrick Funchion (Kells)  dft  Shane Dunne (Clogh)

Div2A             Eamonn Hawe (Windgap) dft  Dan Breen (Kells)    

MsA1              Paul Dowling (Mothel)  w/o  John Morrissey (O’Loughlins)  scr

MsC2              Simon Walsh (Windgap) dft  John Maguire (Galmoy)

Div3B             Shane Power (Windgap)  w/o James Hennessy (O’Loughlins) no show

MsB1              Liam Drennan (Galmoy)  dft  Joe Anthony (Mullinavat)    

Div2B             Ger Anthony (Mullinavat)  w/o  Mick Conville (Talbots Inch) scr

Div2B             Sean Foley (Windgap) w/o  Keith Clifford (Talbots Inch) no show 

MS                  Eoin Regan (Clogh) dft  Aidan Barry (Clogh)

MS                  Cathal Barry (Clogh)  dft  Dion Bourke (Mothel)

L3A                 Mary Buggy (Clogh)  dft  Caoimhe O’Shea (Windgap)

L1B                 Mary Phelan (Clogh) w/o   Rachel Hogan (Kilfane) scr

Div1A             Peter Funchion (Kells)  dft  Daniel Love (Clogh)   

Div1D             William Love (Clogh) w/o   Eddie Burke (O’Loughlins) scr

L3B                 Sorcha Delaney (Clogh)  dft  Margaret Purcell (Windgap) 

L3B                 Áine Dunne (Windgap)  w/o  Catriona Lawlor (Clogh)inj

L3A                 Cora Delaney (Clogh)  dft  Ailish O’Shea (Kilfane)

MsB2              John Duggan (Galmoy)  dft  Jimmy Neary (Talbots Inch) 

MsC1              Jarleth Duggan (Galmoy) dft   Jim Dooley (O’Loughlins)

MS                  Conor Murphy (Kells)  dft  Eoin Regan (Clogh) 

MS                  Conor Condon (Kells)  dft Cathal Barry (Clogh)   

MS                  Aidan Barry (Clogh)  dft  Nick O’Shea (Kells)  

L1A                 Ciara Mahon (Clogh)  dft  Marie Walshe (Kells)   

L2B                 Aoife Walsh (Kells)  dft  Denise Love (Clogh)

MsC1              Ray Ryan (Kilfane)  dft  Pat Glendon (Galmoy)

Div 2A                        Philip Lonergan (Windgap) w/o   Kirk Greene (O’Loughlins) scr 

Div 3A                        Darren Walsh (Windgap) w/o  Eddie Clifford (O’Loughlins) no show

MsCB              Eddie English (Goresbridge)  dft  Pat Jordan (Kilfane)

Div2A             Dylan Caulfield (Kilfane) dft  Dan Breen (Kells)

MsA1              Joe Hennessy (O’Loughlins)  dft  Tom Dooley (Kilfane)   

Div 2A                        Ronan Egan (Clogh) dft  Wesley Smyth (Windgap)

Div 3B            Mark Dowling (Mothel) dft  Lee Quinn (Windgap)

Div 3B            Eoin Wallace (Kells)  dft Adrian Farrell (Mothel)   

MsA2              Joe Daly (O’Loughlins)  v  Johnny Brennan (Mothel)

                                             (NO RESULT NO POINTS)

MsC2              Steven Hally (O’Loughlins)  dft  Peter Ryan (Galmoy)

MsA2              Willie Holden (Kilfane)  dft  Tom O’Keeffe (Kilfane)

MsB1              Jimmy Purcell (Windgap)  dft Willie Pratt (O’Loughlins)

MsB2              Eoin Brannigan (O’Loughlins)  dft Michael O’Shea (Windgap) 

MsB2              Pat Funchion (Kells) dft Liam Drennan (Galmoy)   

MsC1              Michael Dalton (Kilfane)  w/o Jimmy Shanahan (Mullinavat) scr

MsB1              Gerry Murphy (Goresbridge) w/o  Paddy Fennelly (Kells) scr

40x20 County Leagues 2015 Fix 2

posted 15 Dec 2015, 14:49 by Sean Foley

MS Conor Condon (Kells)  dft  Nick O’Shea (Kells)

Div1C William Love (Clogh) w/o   Anthony Martin (Kells) 

Div1A    Daniel Love (Clogh)  dft  JJ English (Goresbridge) 

MsB1 Jimmy Purcell (Windgap) dft  Joe Anthony (Mullinavat)

MsA2 Eamonn Purcell (Windgap)  dft Tom O’Keeffe (Kilfane)

Div 2A  Eamonn Hawe (Windgap) w/o  Kirk Greene (O’Loughlins)  

Ms3B Steven Hally (O’Loughlins)  dft  Pat Jordan (Kilfane)

MsB2 Eoin Brannigan (O’Loughlins)  dft   Jimmy Neary (Talbots Inch)

MsC1 Jarleth Duggan (Galmoy)  dft  Jimmy Shanahan (Mullinavat)  v  

L2(B) Claire Love (Clogh)  w/o  Kirsty Maher (Kells)

Div 1B Patrick Funchion (Kells)  dft  Shane Dunne (Clogh)    

L2B Deirdre Purcell (Windgap)  v  Denise Love (Clogh)

L3B Margaret Purcell (Windgap)  v  Catriona Lawlor (Clogh)

Div 3A Ronan Egan (Clogh)  w/o  Eddie Clifford (O’Loughlins) (FAILED TO SHOW)

L3(B) Sorcha Delaney (Clogh)  dft  Áine Dunne (Clogh)   

L3(A) Caoimhe O’Shea (Windgap)  dft Cora Delaney (Clogh)

Div2A Philip Lonergon (Windgap)  dft  Dylan Caulfield (Kilfane)  

MsC2 Eddie English (Goresbridge) dft John Maguire (Galmoy)  

MsC2 Michael Dalton (Kilfane)  dft Pat Glendon (Galmoy)    

MsC1 Ray Ryan (Kilfane) w/o  Jim Dooley (O’Loughlins)

MsA1 Tom Dooley (Kilfane)  dft  John Morrissey (O’Loughlins) 

MsB1 Liam Drennan (Galmoy)  dft  Willie Pratt (O’Loughlins)  

L1(A) Rachel Hogan (Kilfane)  w/o  Aishling Maher (Clogh)

L3(A) Mary Buggy (Clogh)  dft  Ailish O’Shea (Kilfane)   

L1(B) Marie Walshe (Kells) dft  Aoife Holden (Kilfane)  

MsB2 Gerry Murphy (Goresbridge)  v  John Duggan (Galmoy) 

                    (NO RESULT NO POINTS)

Div 3B Adrian Farrell (Mothel) dft  Shane Power (Windgap)

Div1D Anthony Martin (Kells) w/o Eddie Burke (O’Loughlins)

Ms1A Joe Hennessy (O’Loughlins)  v  Paul Dowling (Mothel)

                       (NO RESULT NO POINTS)

MS Conor Murphy (Kells)  dft  Nick O’Shea (Kells)

Div3B Eoin Wallace (Kells)  w/o  James Hennessy (O’Loughlins) (FAILED TO SHOW)

MsAS Eamonn Purcell (Windgap)  w/o  Joe Daly (O’Loughlins)

Div2A Eammon Hawe (Windgap)  dft  Philip Lonergan (Windgap)

Results from Fixture 1

posted 10 Dec 2015, 03:50 by Sean Foley

40x20 County Leagues 2015 Fix 1

7.30. MsB2 John Duggan (Galmoy)  dft  Michael O’Shea (Windgap)

8.00. MsB1 Liam Drennan (Galmoy) dft  Jimmy Purcell (Windgap)

8.00. MsB1 Pat Funchion (Callan)  dft  Willie Pratt (O’Loughlins)

8.30. MsB2 Eoin Branigan (O’Loughlins) dft Paddy Fennelly (Kells) 

8.00. MsB2 Gerry Murphy (Goresbridge)  v  Jimmy Neary (Talbots Inch)

                                 NO RESULT NO POINTS

8.00. MsC2 Simon Walsh (Windgap)  dft  Pat Jordan (Kilfane)

9.00. Div3B Shane Power (Windgap)  dft Lee Quinn (Windgap)  

7.30. MsA1 Joe Hennessy (O’Loughlins) v  John Morrissey (O’Loughlins)


8.00. MsA2 Joe Daly (O’Loughlins) NO SHOW  v  Tom O’Keeffe (Kilfane)

8.00. L2(A) Claire Love (Clogh)  dft  Annemarie Hawe (Windgap)

9.00. MsC1 Jim Dooley (O’Loughlins)  v  Jimmy Shanahan (Mullinavat)


7.30. L3(B) Sorcha Delaney (Clogh)  dft Catriona Lawlor (Clogh)

8.00. Div1B Shane Dunne (Clogh)  w/o  Michael Walsh (Talbots inch)

Saturday December 5th

5.00.L1(A)  Ciara Mahon (Clogh)  v  Aoife Holden (Kilfane) w/o

5.30.L1(B) Mary Phelan (Clogh)  dft  Ashling Maher (Clogh)  

6.00.L3(A) Mary Buggy (Clogh)  dft Cora Delaney (Clogh) 

6.00. L2(B) Deirdre Purcell (Windgap)  dft  Aoife Walsh (Kells)

6.30. L3(A) Caoimhe O’Shea (Windgap)  dft  Ailish O’Shea (Kilfane)

7.00. L3(B) Margaret Purcell (Windgap)  dft  Áine Dunne (Windgap)

Kilkenny Handball Board 2015

5.00. MsC1 Jarleth Duggan (Galmoy)  dft  Pat Glendon (Galmoy)

5.30. MsC2 Peter Ryan (Galmoy) dft  John Maguire (Galmoy)

5.00. Div1A Peter Funchion (Kells)  dft  JJ English (Goresbridge)

5.30. Div2B Ger Anthony (Mullinavat) w/o  v  John O’Neill (Goresbridge)

5.00. MsA1 Canice Quigley (Talbots Inch)  v  Tom Dooley (Kilfane) w/o

5.30. Div1C Ciaran Neary (Talbots Inch)  v  Brian Mahon (Clogh)


5.00. MsC2 Steven Hally (O’Loughlins)  dft Eddie English (Goresbridge) 

5.30. Div2A Dylan Caulfield (Kilfane) w/o   v  Kirk Greene (O’Loughlins)

6.00. MsC1 Ray Ryan (Kilfane)  dft Michael Dalton (Kilfane)

5.00. Div3B Adrian Farrell (Mothel)  dft  Mark Dowling (Mothel)

5.30. Div3A Patrick Brennan (Mothel) w/o  v  Ronan Egan (Clogh)

6.00. MS Dion Burke (Mothel)  dft  Eoin Regan (Clogh)

2011 40x20 Open Competition

posted 17 Apr 2011, 13:26 by Unknown user

Jimmy Purcell defeated Gerry Murphy in the first round.

2011 Masters (B) Singles Semi Final

posted 15 Mar 2011, 01:46 by Unknown user

Jimmy Purcell defeated Paul Clifford in  O Loughlins On Saturday Evening

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